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Martin Grenca


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  Johann Adam Grenz - Germany 1750 - Search Names

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Axel Alvin Grenz - Sweden

Henry Grenz - Germany 1866

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  John Grenz  - 1793
John A Grenz  - 1861
Grenz  - 1805
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      SS Armenia
SS Edam
SS Chemnitz
SS Columbia
SS Lahn
SS Meier
SS Suevia
SS Werra
SS Noorland
SS Weser

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The following 13 branches of the Grenz Tree are at this time separate entities except for brothers Gottlieb and Samuel.  We are constantly looking for connections.  If someone knows or sees such a connection between the various branches listed on this site or knows of a branch not listed,  please let me know.  



Maps and Village Information

Original Grenz Settlement Maps and With Village Histories

Map of Samland and Brief History
Immigration and Diaspora Map of the Grenz's in North America 


        Descendants of the Brothers  Gottlieb and Samuel Grenz were Germans that immigrated to America from the Ukraine which at that time was part of South Russia and listed as such.  The various brothers and sisters and cousins landed throughout the U.S. and the world.  The primary settlement in South Russia for this Grenz clan was the small farming community of Güldendorf just north of present day Odessa in the Ukraine, however ancestors of the family also lived in other close by villages.  Christina Grenz may have been a sister to Gottlieb and Samuel.  She was born in Poland about 1783 and died in Güldendorf on January 29, 1851 at the age of 68.    (Source, Samuel B Wright)

Güldendorf village history in 1848

Güldendorf Village Antique MAP  

Region: Black Sea Founded: 1830 German Name: Güldendorf
Area: Odessa Religion: Evangelical Russian Name:


District: Beresan & Grossliebental Location: Ukrainian Name: Krasnosilka
Rayon: Leninsk Parish:

             For an interesting history of Ukraine please visit   Ukrainian History

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 Samuel and Gottlieb  Brothers - No known earlier family information
Samuel Grenz

 Gottlieb Grenz

Lydia Schiermiester's Autobiography - 1898 thru 1989
Why the German Migration to Russia - by Herb Grenz
Friedrich Schiermiester's History
The Helenental Letters  
an engrossing account of life in the post World War I German colony's of Ukraine
1926 - 1929 written by
Elisabeth (Elise) Grenz 


Dominik Grentz (Grenz)

Dominik Grentz  is rooted in Rhineland / Saarland region of Germany in about  1691

Ewald Grenz

Is the earliest found Grenz name so far, 1661 in Saarland Germany. Various towns are:  Steinbuch, Schoennen, Stockheim, Guettesbach.


Gottfried Grenz

 Starts in Germany in the year of 1787.

John Grenz

 Ferdinand b. 1852 (son of John Grenz) was listed as coming from the village of Barkow in Lauenburg, Koeslin of the province Pomerania, Germany and Rosa from village of Visocke, Provence of Posen, Germany.  This information has not been verified.

John Grenz

The John Grenz family is residing in Germany.  Their earliest ancestor is listed in 1796, located in  Niederlosheim Saarland, Germany

Johannes Grenz

Joannes Grenz starts in 1752 from Slovenia.  In this tree Grenz is also spelled Grenc and Grencz


Johan Grenz

Immigrated to the Ukraine from Germany.  His progeny left Ukraine and are now residing back in Germany.  Click on the villages for a layout of the two villages of Blumenfeld and Friedrichsfeld and where the residences were located in those villages. Original source for ancestry in German can be found here.

Johann Christoph Grenz

Hails from Kobblebude which is located in what was Samland, Prussia and is now part of Russia. For a brief history of Prussia please visit Prussian history



Michael Grenz

     Is found in the city archives of Holstein on the Volga in Russia as part of the original settlers in 1765.    It is thought that the Grenz's of this tree may have hailed originally from Prussia.   Family History given by Pleve for Michael Grenz can be found here.                      

The History of a Family.  An interesting article concerning the trials and tribulation of the early 20 century German family in Russia, written by Viktor Frank (2002) in the Krasnoyarsk region, Sokhobuzimo district, settlement of Istoki,  Russia.   At the beginning of the article Viktor Frank mentions Natalia Frank and Grenz, 1903.  The village is located south-east of Moscow about 80 miles, in the Volga Region.  Article was copied "as is."  The original can be seen at

Search Names

Family Groupings in Village of Holstein 1798, 1834, 1850, 1857


 Robert Grenz

Hails from Schleusingen, Thuringia County, Germany in 1854.

William (Wilhelm) Grenz

From Germany

Jan Lutz Family Poems


                 There are a number of Grenz family's in England and Germany and the U.S. that are single families or very small trees.   As they are found, family groupings will be listed and hopefully a tree and connections can eventually be made.  In the meantime they are in "Family Groups"


             Catherine the Great of Russia encouraged immigration into South Russia (Ukraine) in the late 1700's and started the flow.  The manifesto of Empress Catherine the II  written in 1763 can be viewed by clicking  Manifesto.  In the late 1800's attitudes towards the German settlers changed.  Their exclusion from Russian military service was revoked and local hostility increased.  Many Germans during this time took advantage of free land being offered in the Plains of the U.S. and immigrated to the States.   To read a fine history written by Christa Grenz, of the period from Guldendorf to America go to A History from Samuel/Gottlieb Grenz to Friedrich Grenz.   A history of why Germans first went into Russia was written by Herb Grenz and can be found at Why the German Migration to Russia.

A great resource in locating German colonies can be found at .  This is a collection of maps both period and modern showing the greater Diaspora of German colonists