Current Index of Names in The Ewald Grenz Family Tree

     Within the family group the names are alphabetical by first name.  Birth date, if available, is provided to help differentiate between people with the same name
To locate name in the tree click on the name and then work back or forward to find where the branch leads.

                   An attempt has been made to include in this index all the names in the tree.  However some or many have, no doubt, inadvertently been left out.  As these are discovered they will be included.  Thank you for your understanding.

Within the web, next to the name there are three different icons:   , .  These icons denote; the continuation of the tree, photos, and information about the person. Names in color match parent to offspring if there are multiple marriages in family.


Anna Barbaria  b 1658
Margaret Anna Daum b. 1781
Agatha M Gerbig
Albert W Grenz b. 1900
Albrect A Grenz b. 1872
Carl Grenz
Charles W Grenz b. 1906
Clara Margaret Grenz b. 1904
Ewald Grenz b.1661
Friedrich Grenz
Georg P Grenz b. 1763
Georg W Grenz b. 1817
Herbert C Grenz b. 1910
Fred Grenz
Johann G Grenz b. 1713
Johannes Grenz b. 1682
Wilhelm Grenz
Maria E Kraemer b. 1681
Rosa Maria Spatz
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