Steamship Line: Red Star Line Built: Laird Bros., Birkenhead, England Year Built: 1884
Routes: Antwerp-NY; Liverpool-Philadelphia
History: Transferred to American Line's Liverpool-NY service in 1901. Scrapped in 1908.
Machinery: Single-screw, 13.5 knots
Masts and funnels: 4 masts, 1 funnel


          This steamship was built by Laird Bros. of Birkenhead for Red Star Line. She weighed 5,212 gross tons, had a length of 400 feet and a beam of 47 feet, one funnel, four masts, and a single screw. Her service speed was 13 knots. There was accommodation for 63 first-class, 56 second-class, and 500 third-class (steerage) passengers.
           Launched on 11 January 1883, she began her maiden voyage on 29 March 1884, sailing from Antwerp,  Belgium to New York City. She began her last sailing on this service on 9 March 1901. She was then chartered to the American Line, with accommodations altered to carry 160 second-class and 500 third-class passengers. She began sailing a Liverpool-Philadelphia route in April 1901. Beginning on 28 March 1906, she made two round-trip voyages on the old Antwerp-New York route, then resumed service between Liverpool and Philadelphia. She made her last voyage in this service in 1908, and was scrapped later the same year.

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