Grenz in the Military

Albert C Grenz
U. S. Army - 1951


Albert G Grenz
US Marine Corps
Cpl - WWII

Ft. Snelling National Cemetery (B 327-6)

Allen S Grenz
Sergeant U.S. Army
Receiving Silver Star 
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Alvin A Grenz
U.S. Army
Korean War


Brandon J Grenz

Combat Engineer US Army

Oct. 2007

Clinton Grenz
US Army 1953
Vietnam - Retired 1979
Daniel C Grenz
US Army
Vietnam  War
Delmar T Grenz
Navy Corpsman - 1942
Darreld Grenz
US Army   1953-1955
Reserve 1955-1961
Sp 5
6th Inf Div - Korea DMZ
Don Grenz
Air Force
Disabled Vet 

Emil Grenz

Army - WW I

  Field Artillery -  Europe

Ernest Grenz

US Army 1944

Heavy Weapons

Buck Sergeant - E5

Frank George Grenz
US Navy - July 1942
Dutch Harbor, Aleutians, Alaska
51st CB - Navy Construction Bat.
Honorable Discharge 1945
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Fred David Grenz



Fred Grenz


Frieda Grenz - O'Callaghan
Gail Grenz
US Army
Disabled Vet




Gary Lee Grenz

Internment at  Ft. Snelling National Cemetery

Jake Grenz
 US Army
WWII - N. Africa, Sicily, Italy
Bronze Star & Purple Heart
Technician 5th Grade

Jesse Earl Grenz
Marine - PFC - 6 May 1942
Fourth Marines Band - Trumpet
Killed in Action Oct. 1944
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John F Grenz

US Army 21 May 1942

Guard -  Asiatic Pacific  Theater - Combat Lehte Island
Technicians Fourth Grade
Karl Ivan Grenz
US Army
Second Division, Combat Infantry
Fought in the Battle for Heart Break Ridge.
Staff Sargeant

LaRue O. Grenz
US Army
Merle Grenz
US Army
Retired June, 2008
Mike Grenz
US Army - WO 4
Michael Grenz
National Guard

Milbert A Grenz
Signal Service Battalion

Philip J Grenz
Air Force  SMSGT (Ret)
July 1965 - Jan 1986
Raymond A Grenz
US Army Air Core SGT

Robert D Grenz

US Army - Army Security Agency  March 1957
Berlin, Germany
Robert J Grenz
Air Force 1943
Bombardier -2nd Navigator  WW II
 Korean War
1st Lieutenant

Roland Grenz

US Army 8 May 1941
Release Date 01 June 1944
North Africa - Mess Hall
Technician Fourth Grade

Ross R Grenz

US Army 1967 - 70
Buck Sergeant - E-5
Disabled Vet
Rudolph J Grenz
US Army  75 Division, the Bulge Busters, 289th Battalion G Company,  Battle of the Bulge and the Colmar pocket.
60 MM Morter
Stanley K Grenz
Army Chief of Staff
Intelligence - Pentagon 
Attached Alaskan Army  
Buck Sergeant - E5

Steve J Grenz

Active service - Vietnam

Vernon Grenz

Private First Class US Army
Died in Service - Germany 1960
Walter Grenz
US Army
Fort Riley, Kansas
Honorably Discharged  January 8 1963
Vernon L. "Bud" Grenz
US Army
James A Weibel
Three Tours Vietnam
John Daryl Mcconnell
US Navy


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