Current Index of Names in Dominik Grenz Family Tree

     Within the family group the names are alphabetical by first name.  Birth date, if available, is provided to help differentiate between people with the same name
To locate name in the tree click on the name and then work back or forward to find where the branch leads.

                   An attempt has been made to include in this index all the names in the tree.  However some or many have, no doubt, inadvertently been left out.  As these are discovered they will be included.  Thank you for your understanding.

Within the web, next to the name there are three different icons:  , , .  These icons denote; the continuation of the tree, photos, and information about the person. Names in color match parent to offspring if there are multiple marriages in family.

Anna Ackermann b. 1856
Anna C Ackermann b. 1787
Anna K Ackermann b. 1815
Anna Maria Ackermann
Anna Maria Ackermann b. 1807
Barbara Ackermann b. 1793
Barbara Ackermann
Bernard Ackermann b. 1772
Bernard Ackermann  b. 1741
Bertha Ackermann b. 1866
Catherine Ackermann b. 1899
Emma Ackermann b. 1862
Frank Ackermann b. 1863
Johann Ackermann b. 1812
Johann Ackermann b. 1843
John Peter Ackermann b. 1762
Joseph Ackermann b. 1860
Josephine Ackermann b. 1856
Ludwig Ackermann b. 1714
Margaret Ackermann b. 1780
Magdalena Ackermann  1776
Margaretha Ackermann b. 1790
Maria M Ackermann b. 1774
Maria Ackermann b. 1788
Maria Ackermann b. 1846
Maria K Ackermann b. 1768
Mathias Ackermann  b. 1749
Mathias Ackermann b. 1811
Mathias Ackermann b. 1834
Michael Ackermann b. 1850
Nikolas Ackermann b. 1840
Nikolas Ackermann b. 1853
Peter Ackermann b. 1773
Peter Ackermann b. 1796
Peter Ackermann b. 1803
Peter Ackermann b. 1808
Peter Ackermann b. 1836
Thielmann Ackermann b. 1746
Thomas Ackermann b. 1774
Anna Maria Baltes b. 1786
Angela Baltes b. 1765
Angela Baltes b. 1800
Magdalena Baltes b. 1800
Katharina Bartel b. 1820
Peter Martel b. 1793
Johann Ludwig Brand b. 1756
Anna Maria Brausch b. 1801
Anna Maria Brausch b. 1817
Angela Brausch b. 1821
Angela Brausch b. 1731
Catherine Brausch b. 1828
Catherine Brausch b. 1830
Dominik Brausch  b. 1763
Ernest Brausch b. 1724
Franz Brausch b. 1795
Johann Brausch b. 1775
Johann Brausch b. 1817
Margaretha Brausch b. 1760
Margaretha Brausch b. 1807
Margaretha Brausch b. 1823
Maria Brausch b. 1813
Maria G Brausch b. 1801
Maria M Brausch 1805
Mathias Brausch  b. 1754
Michel Brausch b. 1761
Michel Brausch b. 1810
Michel Dominik Brausch
Peter Brausch b. 1778
Peter Brausch b. 1818
Peter Brausch b. 1826
Tilmann Brausch b. bef 1783


Anna Maria Bruechler b. 1737
Eva Contz
Katharina Engstler
Anna Dockendorff
Angela Everhardy
Magdalena Everhardy b. 1755
Maria Everhardy b. 1767
Margaretha Everhardy b.1752
Thomas Everhardy b. 1735
Margaretha Fell b. 1813
Gertrude Fell b. 1817
Mathias Fell b. 1810
Mathias Fell b. 1811
Mathias Fell b. 1785
Adam Fell b. 1820
Barbara Fell b. 1816
Dominik Fell b. 1817
Margaretha Fell b. 1810
Elisabetha Franzem b. 1819
Johann Franzem b. 1825
Johann N. Franzem b. 1790
Katharina Franzem b. 1816
Katharina Franzem b.1832
Ludwig Franzem b. 1834
Mathias Franzem b.1822
Mathias Funk  b.1771
Peter Funk b. 1804
Maria Gertz
Angela Grenz b. 1781
Angela Grenz b. 1823
Anna Grenz b. 1790
Anna Maria Grenz b. 1734
Anna Maria Grenz b. 1737
Anna Maria Grenz b. 1766
Anna Maria Grenz  b.1786
Anna Maria Grenz b. 1793
Anna Maria Grenz b. 1813
Bernard Grenz  b. 1716
Elisabetha Grenz
Elisabetha Grenz b. 1801
Ernst. Grenz
Jakob Grenz b. 1795
Johanneta Grenz b. 1820
Katharina Grenz b. 1784
Magdalena E Grenz b. 1732
Magdalena Grenz
Margaretha Grenz b. 1755
Margaretha Grenz b. 1792
Mathias Grenz b. 1811
Mathias Grenz b. 1814
Mathias Grenz b. 1820
Maria Grenz b. 1819
Maria Grenz b. 1821
Nikolas Grenz
Peter Grenz b. 1760
Peter Grenz b. 1787
Peter Grenz b. 1798
Peter Grenz b. 1802
Peter Grenz b. 1812
Peter Grenz b. 1817
Susanna Grenz
Thilmann Grenz b. 1706
Thilmann Mathias Grenz b. 1734
Grentz (Grenz)
Dominik Grenz b. 1691
A. Maria Heck b. 1836
Joseph Heck b. 1841
Johan Heck b. 1836
Mathias Heck b. 1844
Michel Heck b. 1836
Nikolas Heck b. 1803
Peter Heck  b. 1833
Maria Catherine Helbron b. 1754
Maria Kammer
Margaretha Kollman
Gertrud H Kolter
Jacob Konter
Franz Konz
Katherina Kramer
Johann Laur
Susanna Lauer
Michael Leinen b. 1744
Peter Leinen
Barbara Leinenweber
Angela Michels b. 1828
Barbara Michels b. 1820
Johann Michels b. 1823
Johann Michels b. 1780
Johann Nikolas Michels b. 1750
Nikolas Michels b. 1811
Peter Michels b. 1810
Johann A. Michels b. 1791
Mathias Michels b. 1812
Susanna Michels b. 1819
Michel Naumen b. 1769
Barbara Reinert b. 1737
Johann Reinert b. 1737
Anna Maria Schmit 1787
Margaretha Schnieder b. 1743
Angela Schuler b. 1756
Schulien b. 1725
Maria M Schwarz b. 1780
Mathias Schwarz
Johann B Schwarz b. 1750
Schmal (l)
Henrich J Schmall
John Schmal
Magdalena Schmal
Mathias Schmal b. 1779
Anna Maria Thiel b. 1724
Anna Maria Thiel b. 1741
Anna Maria Thiel b. 1795
Nikolas Thiel b. 1671
Magdalena Wagner b. 1801
Mathias Wagner b. 1754
Nikolaus Wagner b. 1796
Nilolaus Wagner b. 1797
Barbara Wilhelm b. 1805
Nikolaus Wilhelm b. 1775
Elisabetha Zeimet
Katherina Zenner b. 1794
Peter Zenner b. 1759
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