The H.H.MEIER was a 5140 ton ship built in 1891 for North German Lloyd, by Armstrong, Mitchell & Co. of Walker-on-Tyne. She had one funnel, three masts, twin screw, 13 knots. She was 421ft in length x 48ft beam and had accommodation for 75 1st, 300 2nd  and 1,000 3rd class passengers. She was launched as the LUCANIA for MacIver & Co. and was bought by NDL in 1892 and renamed H.H.MEIER. On 27.12.1892 she made her maiden voyage for NDL from Bremen - Southampton - NY and in 1893, transferred to Bremen - NY - Baltimore run. From 1894 she did five voyages Bremen - South America and then went onto the Bremen - NY service until 21.9.1901. when she made her last voyage on this run. In 1901 she was sold to the Spanish Cie. Trasatlantica Espanola and was renamed MANUEL CALVO and was rebuilt. She was put on the Genoa - Barcelona - - Cadiz - NY - Havana - Vera Cruz service. In 1919 she struck a mine off the Turkish coast while repatriating foreigners with the loss of 151 lives. Made her last voyage Barcelona - Cadiz - NY - Havana in 1931 and was then laid up in Minorca until 1939 when she sailed to Cadiz where she was rebuilt as a cargo vessel and in 1950 was laid up at Santander. In 1952 she was renamed DRAGO, still under the Spanish flag and in 1959 was scrapped in Spain at the remarkable age of 68. [North Atlantic Seaway by N.R.P.Bonsor, vol.2,p.556]


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