Current Index of Names in The Michael Grenz Family Tree

     Within the family group the names are alphabetical by first name. Birth date, if available, is provided to help differentiate between people with the same name
To locate name in the tree click on the name and then work back or forward to find where the branch leads.

                   An attempt has been made to include in this index all the names in the tree.  However some or many have, no doubt, inadvertently been left out.  As these are discovered they will be included.  Thank you for your understanding.

Within the web, next to the name there are three different icons:  , , .  These icons denote; the continuation of the tree, photos, and information about the person. Names in color match parent to offspring if there are multiple marriages in family.

Kathrine M Albrecht b. 1855
Brian J Ansorge b. 1959
Jesse C Ansorge
Levi W Ansorge
John Barret b. 1853
Louise Barret b. 1882
Mary Barret b. 1878
Jeffery W Battee b. 1980
Robert L Battee b. 1955
Benjamin Bender
Alfred Bernhardt b. 1924
Alfred G Bernhardt b. 1953
Brooke Bernhardt
James D Bernhardt
Kimberly Bernhardt
James D Bernhardt
Lesley R Bernhardt
Merle G Bernhardt
Travis Bernhardt
Florence Bernhardt b. 1927
Kathryne Brickman b.1880
Fred Bernhardt b. 1901
Bucksbaum (Buxbaum)
Christina M Bucksbaum b. 1787
Johann G Bucksbaum
Johann J Bucksbaum b. 1795
Cynthia R Clarambeau b. 1961
Danielle Clarambeau
Delmar Clarambeau b. 1959
F. Lyle Clarambeau
Jason Clarambeau
Jessica L Clarambeau
Jessica N Clarambeau
Justin Clarambeau
Kathaleen Conner b. 1941 
Rex E. Conner b. 1922        
Wilna V Conner                  
Esther Cozine
Wanda D Curry b. 1937
Eva Catharina Dahmer b. 1825
Dona Lyn Dunbar b. 1967
Linda L Dunbar b. 1963
Thomas G Dunbar b. 1943
Thomas G Dunbar. b. 1969
Agnes Patricia Durling
Adam H Ebel b. 1879
Claremore Ebel
Naomi Ebel
Jamie Ebel  b. 1960
Raymond L Ebel b. 1909
Theodore Ebel
Esther Eitel
Carol A Ferguson b. 1958
Elaine E Ferguson b. 1960
Kathleen M Ferguson b. 1963
Wanda L Ferguson b. 1956
Melvin L Ferguson b. 1933
Daniel Fisher
Levi W Fisher
Johann C. Frauberger b. 1770
Elizabeth Fuentes          
Arthur Gaeda
Edna P Gaeda b. 1907
Harold Gaede
Jean Gartzke
Millicent Gemmer b. 1927
Amelia Ginder b. 1907
Friedrich Ginder  b. 1910
Lydia Ginder b. 1902
Maria Ginder b. 1915
Fern Gold b. 1920
Johann K Brauberger b. 1770
Katharina E Grauberger b. 1795
Katharina M Grauberger b. 1791
Adam Grenz b. 1869
Albert  C Grenz b.1915
Alexander Grenz b. 1917
Alice Grenz b. 1901      
Alice M Grenz b. 1956
Andreas Grenz b. 1844
Anna Grenz b. 1893
Anna C Grenz b. 1794
Anna C Grenz b. 1852
Archie Grenz  b. 1927     
Benjamin Grenz b. 1897
Betty J Grenz b. 1939
Carl Grenz b. 1869
Carl Grenz b. 1904
Catharina Grenz b. 1768
Catharina B Grenz b. 1832
Catharina E Grenz b. 1788
Catharina E Grenz b. 1832
Catharina E Grenz b. 1857
Catharina M Grenz b. 1847
Catharina M Grenz b. 1840
Charles H. Grenz b.
Christina M Grenz b. 1779
Christina M Grenz b. 1840
Daniel Grenz b. 1889
Darlene Grenz
David Grenz b. 1893
Donald J Grenz b. 1936
Dorothea Grenz b. 1822
Edna J. Grenz. b. 1934
Elisabeth B Grenz b. 1832
Ella Grenz b. 1908
Esther Grenz b. 1903
Eva C Grenz  b.1798
Eva E Grenz b. 1845
Eva E Grenz b. 1847
Eva E Grenz b. 1854
Eva E Grenz b. 1856
Eva K Grenz  b. 1834
Eva K Grenz b. 1837
Eva M Grenz b. 1793
Ezra Grenz b. 1908             
Georg Grenz b. 1853
Georg Grenz b. 1853
Georg A Grenz b. 1819
Georg A Grenz b. 1845
Georg C Grenz b. 1825
Georg F Grenz b. 1834
Georg F Grenz b. 1848
Georg H Grenz b. 1827
George Adam Grenz b. 1782
George A Grenz b. 1836
George A Grenz b. 1838
Geraldine R L Grenz b. 1943
Glen Grenz b. 1908
Heinrich Grenz b. 1853
Heinrich J Grenz b. 1845
Henrietta Grenz b. 1825
Henry Grenz b. 1866
Henry W Grenz b. 1892
Hilda Grenz b. abt. 1905
Hulda Grenz b.1912
Jacob Grenz b. 1876
Jacob B. Grenz  b. 1887
Jacob F Grenz b. 1785
James Grenz
Johann Adam Grenz b. 1785
Johann Adam Grenz b. 1843
Johann Adam Grenz b. 1854
Johann Andreas Grenz b. 1820
Johann C Grenz b. 1798
Johann C Grenz b. 1808
Johann C Grenz b. 1816
Johann F Grenz b. 1807
Johann F Grenz b. 1844
Johann F Grenz b. 1851
Johann F Grenz  b. 1855
Johann Georg Grenz b. 1769
Johann Georg Grenz b. 1847
Johann Georg Grenz  b. 1855
Johann Georg Grenz b. 1870
Johann Gottlieb Grenz b.1842
Johann H Grenz b. 1847
Johann J Grenz b. 1830
Johann J Grenz b. 1828
Johann J Grenz b. 1833
Johann J Grenz b. 1839
Johann J A Grenz b. 1854
Johann J Grenz b. 1855
Johann K Grenz b. 1812
Johann M Grenz b. 1848
Johann Peter Grenz  b. 1813
Johann Peter Grenz b. 1815
Johann Peter Grenz b. 1834
Johann Peter Grenz b. 1854
Johann R F Grenz b. 1797
Johannes Grenz b. 1773
Johannes Grenz b. 1828
Juliana Grenz b. 1844
Juliana Grenz b. 1852
Katharina Grenz b. 1819
Katharina E Grenz b. 1837
Katharina E Grenz b. 1842
Katharina E Grenz b. 1849
Katharina M Grenz b. 1835
Katherina M Grenz b. 1847
Katharina S Grenz  b. 1839
Katherine E Grenz b. 1843
Katherina E Grenz b. 1853
Katherine M Grenz b. 1861
Katie Grenz b. 1885
Kenneth Grenz
Kenneth P Grenz b. 1932 
Kessiah L Grenz
Kevin E Grenz b. 1961
Klinda P Grenz b. 1953
Konrad Grenz b. 1849
Leland D Grenz
Lloyd R Grenz b. 1955
Marie Grenz  b. 1897
Maria C Grenz b. 1841
Maria C Grenz b. 1827
Maria D Grenz b. 1766
Maria E Grenz b. b. 1836
Maria E Grenz b. 1849
Maria K Grenz b. 1836
Maria K Grenz b. 1837
Maria K Grenz b. 1843
Maria K Grenz b. 1848
Maria  M Grenz b.1821
Maria S C Grenz b. 1790
Martha Grenz b. 1906         
Mathias Grenz b. 1804
Michael Grenz b. 1744
Michael Grenz b. 1993
Millard Grenz b. abt. 1920
Nettie V Grenz b. 1922      
Norma J Grenz b. 1934
Ora C Grenz b. 1920
Paul Grenz b. 1904             
Paulena Grenz b. 1901
Paulina Grenz b. 1919
Phillip Grenz b. 1836
Reinhardt Grenz  b. 1828
Reinhardt Grenz b. 1841
Ricky J Grenz b. 1957
Robert E. Grenz b. 1937
Ronald W Grenz
Sabina Grenz  b. 1845
Sheila R Grenz b. 1963
Solomon Grenz b. 1902        
Susanna Grenz b. 1838
Susanna Grenz b. 1851
Susanna E Grenz b.1842
Susanna E Grenz b. 1851
Susanna M Grenz b. 1846
Vernon L Grenz
Vicky L Grenz b. 1959
Victor E Grenz b. 1960
Beth Griffin
Janet Griffin
Linda Griffin
Robert Griffin
Karla K Guilliams
Concorcia G Guterez b. 1961
Austin Hanson b. 1991
Nicole Hanson b. 1994
Steve Hanson b. 1962
Amelia Hessler b. 1878
Vurlie V James b. 1938
Fannie Kiser b. 1891
Mollie Klien
Emma Knoll
Almeda Kraus
Edwin Kraus
Jacob Kraus
Samuel W Kraus
Verna Kraus
Wheeler Kraus
Benjamin Lawson
Ian Lawson
Rowen Lawson
Ryan Lawson
Jeff Lobb
Joe Lobb
Mike Lobb
T. Lobb
Edith Loraine Lockhart b. 1922
Howard Loveless
Joyce Ann Loveless
Mary L Loveless
Catharine E Mai  (May)
Linda E McQuilliams b. 1960
Adam Meir
Anna Meier
Ann Meier
Anna Meier
Catharina S B Meier b. 1834
Georg H. Meier b. 1807
Jacob Meier
Jacob Meier
Katie S Meier
Lydia Meier
Molly Meier
Lydia Meier
Mary Meier
Molly Meier
Audrey Miller
Cathy Miller
Clarence Miller b. 1919
Clennis Miller
Connie Miller
Donald W Miller b. 1929
Donna Miller
Jacob Miller
Geraldine Miller b. 1921
Gail Miller
Greg Miller
Johanna Miller
Joyce Miller
Juanita F. Miller
Laurie Miller
Marlone Miller
Marvin E Miller b 1924
Mary Miller
Ona G Miller b. 1933
Palmer Miller
Reuben Miller
Lydia Morling
Starta Ohlander
Craig Philpott
Mark C Philpott b. 1992
Wayne Poteet
Becky Potter  b 1961
Beverly J Potter
Bobby J Potter b. 1939
Bonita J Potter b. 1959
Brenda J Potter
Emil R Rath b. 1950
Emil R Rath b. 1975
Kenneth P Rath b. 1976
Mikayla T Rath b. 1998
Brad Reed
Staci A Reed
Wilhelm Relke b. 1771
Ann Reiswig       
Annette Reiswig
Bernadette  Reiswig
Rodney Reiswig
Conrad G. Ruescher
Ruth A Saulsbury b. 1934
Losie Scheffler
Marianna Schuster
Mitchel Schuster
Saretta Schuster
Savina Schuster
Maria Catharina Schwan b. 1831
Leona D Schwemmer b. 1917
Chester Sean b. 1962
Jason Sean b. 1987
Kyle Sean b. 1994
Sibilla  (Sybilla)
Maria Sibilla  1774
Mabel  Sowers
Maria C Speltacker b. 1761
Darrell W Spooner b. 1983
Randall W Spooner b. 1953
Trista N Spooner b. 1988
 (?) Spring
Delores Spring
Mollie Haas Staley b. 1865
St. Marten
Amber St. Marten
Larry St. Marten
Sean St. Marten
Barbara Steiger
Kelli A Sterling b. 1983
Michael P Sterling b. 1981
Rodney G Sterling b. 1957
Delbert R Taylor
Lawrence Taylor b. 1895
Rachel M Taylor
Wesley E Taylor
Holly Thelen      
Joseph Thelen
David P Weston b. 1994
Jeffrey P Weston b. 1958
Jennifer C Weston b. 1991
Larualee  R Weston b. 1986
Stephen C Weston b. 1991
Naomi B Williams b. 1980
Wesley Womble

Tony Zupo

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