For Walter and Clara



Threshing time was

An annual rite

Down on the farm


The threshing machine

Would roll in

Early in the morn.

 Neighborhood men

Would come to help

Pitch oat bundles in


The women came

With aprons on

To help in the kitchen


They had meat to roast

Potatoes to boil

  And many pies to bake

At noontime

The men came in

To eat and take a break


They washed up

And found a seat

At the kitchen table

Where they ate

Most hungrily

As much as they were able.

  When all the men

Had eaten

The women ate their fill

Then hurried to wash

Pots and pans
They had work to do still


Just as they had finished

With all the

Kitchen cleanup


The men were  

Walking in the door

For it was time to sup


Then the next day

This was repeated

At a neighboring farm

Looking back

On threshing days

Fills me with memories warm.


Jan Lutz  copyright 2007 used by permission of author
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