How to Use This Site

If you know which tree your name or the name you are looking for is in, just click on one of the 13 trees in this site and it will take you to the first three generations of that particular tree. From there you can click on the appropriate sibling to continue on.  If at that point you do not know which name to click on,  go to the bottom of the page and click on Search Names.  Every name in this particular tree is in this index and is linked to it's page.  Where possible there is a birth date to help identify the correct person in multiple same name situations.  Once you are directed to the correct page you can maneuver up or down the tree. 

To go back up the Tree (older generations) click either on the mother or father of the first generation of that particular page. To travel down the tree (more recent generations) click on any of the children.  If there is a camera next to the name it means there are photographs, a book means there is information and a tree means the generations carry on:  , ,

To the left of  the Home Page is the directory containing what is in the web.

If you do not know which tree to begin you can go to the general index for all names listed in this website.  The names are listed alphabetically.


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