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The site to connect all Grenz

Last update     -    11/25/2021



My family tree stretches back
Ad infinitum
From my progeny
Back to Eve and Adam.
Its branches, twigs, and leaves
Trunk and limbs
Contain a myriad of
Hers and hims.
My family tree
Has many ancestral lines
The way they  intertwine
It’s more like a family vine!
   Jan Lutz  copyright 2008

We Need Your Help -

In locating this family's lost relatives

"Hi my name is Colleen Grenz daughter of Kevin Walter Grenz and Magdelena Woutrina Grenz. I live in South Africa, East London. My father has no idea where his mother, father or long lost brother is and I was hoping that maybe you can help me find them for it would be a great joy for my dad to know where he comes from."  8/23/2011

Kevin's brothers name is Ernst Graham Grenz and their mother's name is Cathrine (no known family name)  Possibly located in Germany. 

Please send information to:



I am interested in receiving any ancestry information for any of the 13 Grenz branches in this site.  Bios and photographs of any ancestors or family members to be placed in this web for the enjoyment of future generations are always welcome.

Stanley Grenz    11/25/2021


Family Histories, “Born and Died”, with the personality missing – what good is it? Tracing the line through sets of names captures little.
The idea here is to capture and preserve a shadowy glimpse of the beauty; to get beyond the impasse, the disagreement, the anger, the tears, disappointments that keep us from telling the tale; and get to “who was this guy and what of his spirit did he leave behind?”                                                                                                                                                    Dean Grenz

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Christa Grenz

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Many thanks for all those who have contributed to this site.  Special thanks to Christa Grenz, Clinton Grenz (deceased), Harley Grenz, George Grenz, Garlet Grenz, Dean Grenz, Shirley Grenz, Jan Lutz

and many more

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