Augustina Kaiser

          Died of blood poisoning brought on by other illnesses.  Obituary lists Denhoff  N.D. as place of death.

            She was converted and joined the church.  However, she had grown very cold in her spiritual life in recent times.  Earnest and unceasing prayers were made by her parents for the welfare of the soul of their daughter.  On her sickbed she was restored again to the glad faith in Jesus.  Amos 4:12, "Therefore this will I do unto you O Israel...prepare to meet they God, O Israel:  served as the funeral text.

Obituary Der Senbote July 22, 1903 page 460

Burial at Lincoln Memorial Park, Portland Oregon

Lydia, Sam, Anna, Edna, Theodore, Lillian

Sam, Anna, and Lillian are children of Augustina and Johann.  Edna and and Ruth (not shown) are the children of Clara Beck - CoatesLydia and Theodore are the children of Clara and her first husband  of an unknown Coates.

Johann and Clara Beck-Coates

Johann Grenz


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