Georg Adam Grenz

Born: 13 JUL 1843 - Gueldendorf, Ukraine
2 NOV 1899 - Sidney, OR

Father: Georg Adam Christian Grenz
Katherina Elisabetha Dengler

Snap Shot:  The family first settled in Salem, Oregon, after coming to Oregon.  They lived in the north section near the location of Tile Road.  Grandpa followed his trade as a brick mason and worked on buildings still standing in the present day Salem.  Dad often mention going to school in Salem.  As near as he could recall it would be the Washington Grade School or a school located near there, he also recalls the horse pulled trolley.  One of the highlights of his childhood was riding the trolley and going to the "round house" to meet Joe Bordune who used to drive the trolley.  John Joseph Bordune was the husband of Christina Ammon.  Lee and Rosa were born in Salem.             
               Apparently the family then moved to Junction City were Lydia was born.      
               They later moved to the Sidney-Talbot area and lived in a log house.  This is where Uncle Bill and Uncle Charlie was born.  Lee, Lydia , Bill and Charlie all attended school there. 
               Grandpa died before Charlie was born and the whole family worked to make ends meet.  The boys worked the threshing crews and of course Grandma picked hops.  Grandpa was buried in the Talbot Cemetery and Grandma is buried in the Cemetery at Jefferson.
               Henry, Dad, and Bill all married Sisters in the Thiessen family and settled near Jefferson to farm.  Lee worked in the woods and later moved to Salem,  Charles worked at various tradces and in the woods also.  He now lives at Lacomb.  Those no longer living at this time are Caroline, Adam, Dorothy, Christina, Henry, Elisabeth, and Jophn.  rosa is living in Salem, Lydia is in Portland.            
              Carolyn Grenz Schildmeyer:  written about 1967

Notes:  In Grenz book from 1895 Marion Co. (Oregon) Enumeration of Inhabitants and Industrial Products:  Grenz, A -- German nationality, born in Russia; 5ft 6 in; 180lbs; light complexion; laborer; ailment-rheumatism; protestant religion; males; 51 years, legal voter, 2 horses.                                  

Immigrated April 14, 1887, SS Weser to Baltimore, Maryland with 3rd wife Eva and children.  

He settled briefly in the vicinity of Freeman, South Dakota and filed his intent to become an American citizen in the Yankton County Courthouse. He moved on to Salem, Oregon before 1890. 

Died of a Liver ailment. Buried at Sydney Oregon-per Grenz book, the cemetery at Sidney, Oregon remains but the town is gone.  Left only a sign beside the railroad tracks to mark its former location.

Adam Grenz, Sr

Cox Cemetery Jefferson, Marion County, Oregon

Wife - Christina Abel * Wife - Louisa Lutz Wife - Eva Margurite Hirning  
Born:  Mar 9, 1845
Died:  Feb 19 1866
Married: 1868
Father: Friedrich Abel
Mother Eva Katharina Glaser

*Christina Abel died the same year as their child.


Christina Grenz

Born: 13 Feb 1868            Died: 19 Feb 1868 - Lichtenfeld, S. Russia

Born: 1844 - Gueldendorf, So Ru
Died:  Before 1869 Gueldendorf
Married: 1869 - Gueldendorf, So Ru
Father: Jakob Lutz  {Gottlieb Lutz}   
Mother: Justina Louisa Mann {Katharina Brosi}
Karolina Grenz
Adam George Grenz Jr.
Born: 11 Aug 1856
Died:  30 Oct 1943
Married: Dec. 02, 1884 
1st Spouse: Henry Ammon  
Married: 13 Oct. 1884
Born:  2 Feb 1853 - Neuberg, Grossliebenthal So Russia - Ukraine
Died: 10 Aug 1882 - Neuberg, Grossliebenthal, So. Russia - Ukraine
Father: Andreas Hirning
Mother: Eva Hientz
Christina Ammon
Henry Ammon Jr.
Dorothy K. Ammon
Elisabeth Grenz 
John Fredrick Grenz
Rosa Margaret Grenz
Lee Andrew Grenz
Lydia Eva Grenz  
William Fredrick Grenz
Charles Arthur Grenz
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