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As far as can be learned from the information available so far, our ancestor Samuel Grenz emigrated to Russia about 1813 with his brother Gottlieb and Gottlieb's wife Maria (or Mariana)..  One record (Stumpf book) indicates that Gottlieb was from Starkey, Prussia (a city that researchers have not yet been able to locate).  Samuel, Gottlieb and Maria are initially found in the 1816 census of Rohrbach in the Odessa area of South Russia.  In the census, Gottlieb was 27, Maria was 21 and they now have a daughter Anna age 3/4.  Samuel is listed as being 16 years of age.  (Alvina Schurr in Canada who researched the Grenz family at length and wrote the book "Grenz von Gueldendorf"  obtained a copy of the Grenz family page in the Gueldendorf Family Book from the Archives in Russian and graciously shared it with me.  Samuel's birth date in the family book is given as 1796, so the above age of 16 may not be accurate.)

About 1820 or 1821, it appears that Samuel and his family (I believe he married Anna Elisabeth Rosina Schuelke about 1818, probably in Rohrbach) moved to Friedrichstal (established about1819 in the Beresean District of South Russia, along with Stuttgart and Waterloo, about 65 miles North of the city of Odessa, Ukraine.)  Samuel's first son Georg Adam Christian Grenz is born 20 November 1819 in Rohrbach, but the second child Christoph Ludwig Grenz is born 10 April 1822 in Friedrichstal.  The next child Dorothea Grenz is again born in Rohrbach 22 November 1824, and the last child known is born 21 March 1827 back in Friedrichstal.

In 1830, Samuel Grenz and Gottlieb Grenz are listed among the founders of Gueldendorf which was founded from the colonies of Waterloo, Friedrichstal and Stuttgart due to a water shortage in the previous locations,  Samuel died in Gueldendorf on 18 December 1858.

I have not been able to find any information about the parents of Samuel and Gottlieb Grenz, or about the parents of Anna Elisabeth Rosina Schuelke.  The records from the Russian Archives indicate that Gottlieb Grenz was born in Zanhen (possibly Zangen-Lipno, West Prussia - (a guess only), on the 25th April 1788 (probably south of Bromberg) and married Mariana Sommerfeld in 1812 (place unknown).  Gottlieb died 28 March 1844 in Gueldendorf.  The archives records indicate he was confirmed in 1802 in Mohilne (also not yet located).  Most of the records later, such as the death record indicate that he was born in Prussian Poland.

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                                                             EMIGRATED FROM
Grenz, Samuel   Starkey East Prussia  Poland




Published by the Odessa Digital Library - 2 May 1999http://www.odessa3.orgNOTE: This book, was the original "The Emigration from Germany to Russia in the Years 1763 to 1862 by Karl Stumpp. It was published ("special printing") in 1961 by the Landsmannschaft der Deutschen aus Russland in Stuttgart Germany. Refer to DAI Film 635 of Series T81. Permission was gained from the Landsmannschaft in May of 1998 to digitize and make this work available on the German Russian digital library here in the Odessa Library.


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