Karl Friedrich Grenz

          It was April 1888 when Friedrich and Rosina with their children and Friedrich's two brothers left Gueldendorf for America.  It is believed that Peter Gramita, age 13, a nephew of the Grenz brothers was also with them.  His name does not appear on the passenger list but such omissions did occasionally occur.  Children travelling with their elders did not require emigration papers.  the group travelled to Bremen, Germany, where they booked passage on the S.S. Aller.  Listed as passengers were Friedrich Grenz, age 33, farmer; Rosina Grenz, age 33, wife; Jacob age 7; Gottfried age 4, Carl age 6 mo.  Gottfried age 30 farmer, Peter age 28 farmer, Elisabeth age 3 child.  Arrived at the port of New York on May 12, 1888.  Baby Carl had died the previous day, May 11, of inflammation of the brain and was buried at sea. 

          From New York, the Grenzes (sec) travelled to Campbell County in Dakota Territory by train.  Other Grenzes whose roots can be traced to Gueldendorf had already settled west of Eureka.  Samuel and Christina Lutz had come in 1885, Gottlieb and Johanna Heer Grenz had come in 1886.  Christof Grenz and Rosina Mayer followed in 1890.  On Dec 22, 1888 Friedrich paid the Register's and Receiver's fee of $2 to file Declaratory Statement no. 8148 for lots 3 and 4 and the south half of the northwest quarter of Section 4 in Township 126 north of Range 75 and west of the 5th principal Meridian, contained 162 and 57/100 acres, settled upon Dec 20, 1888, being "unoffered".  Prior to that, on Oct 17, 1888, Friedrich Grenz had made Timber Culture Entry No 6281 for a tract of land containing 160 acres.  Sometime between 1890 and 1895 Campbell Co Census as being 71 years old and living with son Gottfried Grenz and his wife Rosina Fischer Grenz.

Cause of death for Karl Friedrich Grenz was Tuberculosis

Source: Grenz von Gueldendorf book


Rosina (Holzapfel) Grenz

          Per Grenz van Gueldendorf book page 148:  She and her brother who died while still young, were both abandoned by their mother.  As a very young girl, Rosina worked for a large family on a Russian estate.  It was her job to keep the fires burning in the stove by feeding it with reeds. These grew in abundance on the steppes of Russia.  It was a cheap fuel in a land where trees were scarce.  But the fire consumed it very rapidly.

           Per obituary:  Born in Odessa.  Came to America 1888 with husband Frederick Grenz.  Made their home in Mound City, South Dakota.  Husband passed away in Nov 1902 and eight years after his death, she with her family moved to near Beulah, SD, where she lived until 12 years ago.  Since that time she has made her home with her children.  Died at the home of her son, Gottfried Grenz, in Hebron.  She was preceded in death by eight children


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