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Notes:  Jacob Grenz buried at Linton Cemetery beside wife Kathrina Krieg


          Jacob had very little schooling and lived in Campbell Co. SD until the family moved to a homestead in the Sand Creek District of Emmons County in 1908, building and living in a sod house.  He farmed with his father until he entered the service on Aug. 8, 1918, serving his country in Germany during WWI.  He returned home 14 August 1919, to farm in Sand Creek.  After his parents retired from farming in 1919, they moved to a new home in Temvik where they lived until they passed away.  Jake batched on the farm until he and Katie Krieg were married 19 Feb 1910.  Her family came to the US in late 1901.  They settled on a sod house east of the present Sand Creek Cemetery.  She did not have much schooling either.  Seven children were born to them.                 Grenz van Gueldendorf book page 86.

          Per Obituary:  Came to North Dakota with his parents in 1900 and farmed 10 miles northwest of Linton.  He farmed in the Linton area until retiring in to the city in 1952.  Mrs. Grenz died in 1951.  Grenz lived with his daughter in Oregon since 1976


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