Georg Adam Christian Grenz



 Georg Adam Grenz

Born: November 20, 1819 - Rohrbach, S. Russia
Died: after 1861
Father:  Samuel Grenz
Mother:  Anna Elisabeth Schuelke
Married:  November 30, 1837 in Guldendorf Rs (now Ukraine)
Spouse:  Catharina Elisabetha Dengler
Born: September 30, 1819 - Waterloo, S. Russia
Died:  August 15, 1884
Father: Johann Georg Dengler
Born: 19 August 1782 - Wildberg, Wurttemberg, Germany
Died:  January 9, 1855 - Guldendorf at age 72
Mother: Anna Schumacher
Born:  July 6, 1791 - Gromback, Bei Posen, Poland
Died:  November 30, 1873 at age 83



Marriage Document


Contributed by Richard Wolff                                    Death Record - Katharina Elizabetha (Dengler) Grenz

Johann Georg Dengler Death Record 1855

George Adam Christian Grenz

Married Catharina Elisabetha Dengler on
30 Nov 1837 in Gueldendorf

Salt Lake has it 23 Nov. 1837 but as this documentation shows that date is incorrecdt. (Film 1882647-3-142-18---in case you are not familiar with
that notation, that means film number in Salt Lake
City Family History Library, section 3 on the film,
page 142 and #18 on that page.)

For Catharina Elilsabetha Dengler
born 30 Sep 1819 Waterloo, South Russia, died 15Aug1884
in Gnadenfeld, South Russia:

Johann Georg Dengler born 19 Aug1782 in Wildberg/Nagold
Wuerttemberg, to Russia 1817, married about 1818 to
Anna Schumacher born 21 July 1791 in
Groembach/Freudenstadt, Wuerttemberg also in 1817 with
her parents, I believe.
Johann Georg Dengler died 09 Jan1855 Gueldendorf.  Anna
Schumacher died 30Nov1874 Gueldendorf.

Parents of Johann Georg Dengler:
Georg Christoph Dengler born 23 Aug 1753 Wildberg, died
24 March1838 Wildberg.  married 24Aug1779 to Maria
Magdalena Sattler born 23 July1760 and died 28July1803

Parents of Georg Christoph Dengler:
Johann Georg Dengler married 23June1750 Wildberg to
Maria Magdalina Rath von Nagold. 

Parents of Johann Georg Dengler:
Johann Georg Dengler.  Mother unknown

Contributed by Christa Grenz

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