Friedrich Grenz Sr family Historic audio files


Friedrich Grenz Sr family Historic audio files

 Friedrich Grenz Family Oral History

1953 through 1957

The following music files were made from the original tapes.

Recorded at the locations listed

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50th Wedding Anniversary Recordings of

Fred And Christina (Schnaidt) Grenz  -  held at Napoleon ND Baptist Church on Oct. 13, 1953
Fred and Christina's home the week of the Anniversary
Fred Grenz Jr.'s home in Bismarck
Lydia Schauer's home in Napoleon
Gideon Grenz home in Missoula MT (April 25 1957)

<bgsound src="Fred%20Grenz%20Oral%20History_%201950's/1%20-%20Ida_and%20Bertha.mp3" loop="infinite">
Ida (Edwin Grenz) And Bertha (Adam Grenz)
Duet In German

Ida (Edwen)
Bertha (Adam)

Ida Piano
Pastoral Remarks
Molly (Ernest Grenz) and Gideon Grenz
"The Love Of God"
Pastoral Family Introduction
2:15 2:59 0:29 3:24 4:15

Men's Quartet
"Precious Memories

Pastoral Remarks Grenz Family Choir
"Beulah Land"
Fred Grenz Remarks
In German
Christina Grenz Remarks
In German
1:16 0:56 3:12 7:17 3:33

Christina Grenz
Speech At Home

 in German

Fred Grenz Sr. Speech at Home
 in German
Grenz Trumpet Solo, Ida Piano Fred, Violet, Arlo, Daryle Roland, Irene
3:25 3:20 1:02 2:56 0:52

John, Lorraine, Donna

Edwen, Ida, Grenz Mixed Quartet
"At Calvary"
Lydia, Maxine, Weston Gideon, Gloria, Dean, Merle
2:06 1:52 1:26 1:33 6:04
Gideon & Gloria Duet In German and English
Bertha, Adam, Stanley- Interview Clinton Solo
"Ships Ahoy"
 Ida at Piano
Men's Quartet
"Wondering Child"

Ida & Grenz
4 Hands Piano Duet

1:09 1:21 2:05 0:48 0:52
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