Ferdinand E. Grenz

          Born either in 1852 or 1857 in Visocke, Posen Province, Germany. Came to the US in 1870 I believe, and immigrated with his
parents to the area around Yale or Wolsey, South Dakota. There he
married Rosa Mathilda MUSOLF who also had immigrated from the same area in Germany. My father and his brothers and sisters were born in South
Dakota. About 1902 they moved for about 4 years to somewhere around
Bloomington, Illinois. In 1906 the family moved to Verdi Township,
Lincoln County, Minnesota. Mailing address was Lake Benton, Mn.

          My father stayed on the home farm until he retired in about 1970. His brothers and sisters all lived within 10 or so miles of this home farm.
My fathers was the youngest in his family, he was born in 1887 and I was
born in 1934, so you can see I was much younger than all my cousins on
the Grenz side. I did not even get to know my Uncles and Aunts very well
before they died.

Gloria Grenz


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