Philip Grenz Information

Born:  December 28, 1888 - Gueldendorf, Odessa, S. RU
Died:  October 20, 1940
Father:  Gottlieb Grenz
Married:  15 September 1950
Spouse:  Johanna Kast
Born: June 3, 1889 - South Russia
Died: November 4, 1958

Philip and Johanna (Kast) Grenz


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Philip Grenz

Philip Grenz was born 27 Dec 1888 in Gildendorf, Russia (Ukraine), son of Gottlieb and Christina (Hogue) Grenz.  Philip came to America with his family in 1905, and to the Hazelton area in 1908.  Johanna Kast was born June 3, 1889 in Odessa, Russia, the daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Kast.

Philipp and Johanna were married Dec 25, 1905.  As a young man Philip worked for Phillip Pfiefer in his blacksmith shop.   He bought a farm west of Hazelton where Edwin Schiermeister currently lives, later moving to another farm closer to Hazelton.  Philip and Johanna had 15 children.

Philip passed away Oct 2, 1940.  After Philip's death, Johanna married Jacob Geisler on Aug 17, 1942.  Johanna passed away Nov 4, 1958

Hazelton Centennial History Book 1902-2003 page 340-341

Boarded SS Noorland  on 30 November 1905, Arrived 13 Dec 1905, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania                                                                      Departure:  Liverpool, England



Grandpa Philip Grenz has 4 aces and is betting the farm that Emil Helfenstein and Jake Schieremeister can't beat his hand.  Got the peacemaker next him in case more aces show up!

Philip was a character. With the peacemaker on the card table next to him reminded me of the incident with my father, John P. My father told me of an incident where he was having a problem firing his .22 caliber rifle which I believe was a Montgomery Wards product. Philip messed with the mechanism to fix the misfiring but couldn't get it to fire. In his rage, he raised the rifle and smashed it on a wagon wheel causing the barrel to make a perfectly round 180 degree bend so that if it did fire, you would shoot yourself.

Also, before Philip purchased his homestead, he needed money in order to complete the purchase, so he would go into town with his tiny pony and bet $10 and a pint of whiskey to anyone in the saloon that his tiny pony could outrun anybody's horse in a one mile race. He raced against Arabian steeds and never lost a race. He would collect the $10 from these cowboys and a pint of whiskey which he would feed to his pony. True story. He himself had a drinking problem which finally took his life at a young age. I believe it was his hatred of the harsh climate in North Dakota and a different life style from that in Russia that was the cause of his drinking. In Russia they had a communal life style with close social relations but the U.S. mandated that the homesteaders live on their 160 acres of free land, anddid not allow communal living.

Remembrances by George Grenz


Some of Philip's children in School:  Johanna, Christine, Amelia, Viola, Bertha, Hilda

Back Row:  Alex, Albert, Philip Darrel, Sam, John,
Front Row:  Amelia, Viola, Hilda
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