Helen Grenz *

Born: September 13, 1928 - Hazelton,  North Dakota
Father: Gottlieb Grenz 
Mother: Lydia Schock
Married:  November 22, 1946 - Tower City, ND
Spouse:  Arnold Jacobson
Born:  April 7,  1925 - Chippewa Falls, WI
Father: Herbert Jacobson
Mother:  Sarah
Married: June 2, 1962 - Milwaukee, WI
Spouse:  Donald Christensen
Born:  June 2, 1929 -
Died:  June 25, 2000 - Milwaukee, WI

Don and Helen - 1987

*Notes:  I was 9 years old when our family moved to Oriska from Hazelton.  From there, we moved to Tower City when my dad bought a farm near there.  We had a lot of fun growing up with all of these brothers and sisters, but also had a lot of hard work.  We had to help in the fields and in the garden.  Although I attended school in Tower City, we children never actually started school until mid-October when the harvesting was finished.  also, we left school early in the spring since our father needed us to help put in the crops in April.  Also, during the winter, we all had cows to milk before we left for school in the morning and again in the evening after we came home from school.

I have worked at various factories and retail stores during the past 30 years.  My husband, Don, has been employed at Miller Brewing for almost 40 years.  We have both retired as of early 1992, although I still work part-time at Kohl's Warehouse.

  Gary Jacobson Carol K Jacobson Gary Christensen
Born:  17 Nov. 1947 - Milwaukee, WI
Married: 13 Mar. 1976 - Ottumwa, IA
Spouse: Martha Yvonne ( Bartell) Snook
Born: 2 Aug 1938
Father:  John S. Bartell
Mother:  Rosealine Van Gampler
Michael D Snook *  10 Sep 1954
Sheila L Snook *     24 Sep 1955
John M Snook *      15 Mar 1958
Sharon D Snook *    20 Jul 1959

* Siblings from Martha' first marriage

Born: 11 Jun 1949
Married: 20 Aug 1966 - Milwaukee, WI
Spouse:  William Edward Liebau
Born:  24 Nov 1947 - Milwaukee, WI
Darin Michael Liebau
Dawn Marie Liebau
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