Gottlieb Grenz

        Gottlieb Grenz and his younger brother emigrated to S. Russia from Poland.

          From the Gueldendorf Familien Buch in the Odessa Archives (obtained from ragas by a. Schurr and passed on to me):  Gottlieb was confirmed in Mohilne in 1802.   Left the church in Gueldendof (died) Mar. 28, 1844.  The children born in 1819 and 1822 were born in Rohrbach.  The next 3 in 1824, 1826, 1828 were born in Friedrichtsthal.  The next was born in 1833 in haselbad (?), and in 1836 and 1837 and 1840 were born in Gueldendorf.  He died in Gueldendorf in 1844. (1882634, p.20 item 3)

          Gottlieb and Samuel are listed as founders of the town of Gueldendorf in 1829.  It was formed from members of the villages of Stuttgart, Waterloo and Friedrichstal because they did not have sufficient water.  The move from the original villages occurred between 1830 and 1838.  It was located about 60 miles to the south of the original 3 villages. (see page 34 of GRHS Heritage Review May 1988)

           Per LDS film #1882634, Item 3, page 20, #5 death Rec 184, age 57, born Preussich, Poland

           Gueldendorf Familienbuch:  Gottlieb Grenz born in Zanhen bei Broomberg in Preussen, April 25, 1788, married 1812, joined church in Preussen 1818.  Wife Mariana geb Sommerfeld, born Kowolewa in Preussen in feb. 29, 1794 Confirmed 1808 in Josophka

Mariana Sommerfeld

          Cause of Death:  Kopfschmerzen (Translated as "Headaches")

                                                                   EMIGRATED FROM
Grenz, Gottlieb    Starkey East Prussia  Poland  1813  Gueldendorf/Odessa


Published by the Odessa Digital Library - 2 May 1999

NOTE: This book, was the original "The Emigration from Germany to Russia in the Years 1763 to 1862 by Karl Stumpp. It was published ("special printing") in 1961 by the Landsmannschaft der Deutschen aus Russland in Stuttgart Germany. Refer to DAI Film 635 of Series T81. Permission was gained from the Landsmannschaft in May of 1998 to digitize and make this work available on the German Russian digital library here in the Odessa Library.



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