Erna Grenz

Born:  June 2, 1920
Died:  July 18, 1923 - Interred at Hazelton Cemetery, Hazelton, ND *
Father:  Gottlieb Grenz
Mother:  Lydia Schock

*Notes:  No marker on grave, but it is presumed among the family that she is buried near her grandparents.



     Bill says that Erna died of pneumonia.  However, to your Historian, Shirley Grenz, it reads more like a burst appendix.

It was not uncommon in those years when one child soon was followed by another, that the older child was weaned from the breast and fed food that the child's stomach was unable to process.  Therefore, the unprocessed food piled up in the child's appendix, which led to pains in the stomach.  Back in 1923, no-one really suspected the appendix as being the problem when a 3-year old child was admitted to the hospital.


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