Elisabetha Grenz

Born:  May 09, 1882 - Gueldendorf, Odessa, S. Russia
Died: November 26, 1955 - Jamestown, North Dakota
Father:  Philipp Grenz
Mother: Katherine Rudolph
Married:  Feb 17, 1904
Spouse: Jakob Schacher
Born: April 1, 1881 - Gueldendorf, Odessa, S. Russia
Died:  March 12, 1962 - Neu Lepzig, North Dakota
Father:  Jakob Schacher
Mother:  Katharina Brenner

Elisabetha Grenz - Notes

Elisabetha crossed the Canadian border on Northwest Line SS, at age 27, traveling with Willaim 3, Lidia 2, Mathilda 1, last permanent residence Montreal, Canada.  Person left behind:  Katharina Krenz (sic), in Gildendorf (sic) Russia,  Arrived March 1910, to Jacob husband in Eureka, North Dakota.

Jakob Schacher - Notes

Draft Registration:  BD 01 April 1881, born in Russia.  At age 37, supply man for Northern Pacific, wife Elizabeth Sacher. Medium, Blue eyes, brown hair, freckled faced. 


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